Home Stars shed tears as All Stars shone with joy to division one

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It was a moment of heartbreak for the people Ho, as Home Stars Fc straggled to Akasti All Stars in a 3-1 penalty shoot out, after a 0-0 draw in regulation time in the Volta Regional division 2 middle league play off on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

VRFA Chair, Daniel Agbogah hands Trophy to Akatsi All Stars Captain Francis Akpalu.

Both sides started the game with caution in front of a huge crowd never seen before at the Ho Sports stadium but game steadily found its tempo after 25 minutes of play with the midfield battles, the fluent passing abilities, the hard tackles, defensive blunders, and fantastic saves.

Both sides as well created glorious opportunities but couldn’t break the deadlock.

The 3-1 penalty results, with All Stars having the first kick, saw Michael Nayram Dawuso’s kick denied by the cross bar before Atsu Torxo’s effort was saved by goalkeeper Michael Agbanyo. Mawunyo Agbenorxevi stepped up for the second kick but was saved by Propser Agbeko, yet Richard Lawoe who came in as a substitute for Home Stars also got his kick saved.

Left back, Ranous Amegatsey got the first one in for All Stars to give them some hope and Julius Okoh, (who is a penalty expert) made no mistake to make it 1-1 after 3 kicks each.

Lead Attacker, Roland Klenam shedding tears after the loss

George Kwesi Nanegbe made it 2-1 for All Stars but Onashonku Latief, another substitute, blasted the ball over the bar and brought chaos into the minds of the over two thousand Home Stars fans. Gameli Tonni Toworfe’s goal became the heart breaker, as Akasti All Stars cheered on, to victory with their 20% fans at the Stadium.

There were tears, from the technical bench, the players, and fans whose cars couldn’t find parking space, resulting to traffic on the Ahoe-Kabore road.

Akatsi All Stars TM, Peter Gatsi consoling Assistant Coach of Home Stars FC, Kofi Atiso.

Ho based Home Stars Fc who had lots of supporters thronging to the stadium in an expectant qualification mood, had better records ahead of the Akatsi lads; winning 9 games, drawing 3 and losing 1 in 13 outings, against All Stars’ 8 wins, 6 draws and 2 loses in their 16 outing.

The Middle league itself also had Home Stars scoring 6 and conceding 2, with a 100% winning record, while Akasti All Stars scoring 2 goals and conceding 1 with a loss to Roberto Fc in their group.

The goal that brought the Glory.. Gameli Tonni Toworfe’s kick

Some Home Stars fans couldn’t believe the outcome of the finals and so couldn’t leave the stadium, but those who were able to but immediately in disappointment, lost appetite.

While the bench of Home Stars were without words, but could only congratulate their opponents, Head Coach of All Stars, Prosper Korsi Dorkenoo who spoke to Extv.com live on Facebook, says he will to beef up the current squad for the division 1 journey.

“I am more than word happy because we have been pushing to qualify to division 1 for long. I wasn’t worried on the touchline because I knew the game will go to penalties and I will win. I am now going to beef up the squad. I have 14 players who I had wanted to use for this middle league.”

Head Coach, Prosper Dorkenoo being appreciated by players..

The 2021/2022 National division 1 League season, in Zone 3 will have Akatsi All Stars represent Volta region.

By: Davis Nii Attuquaye Clottey

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