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Ghanaian players are self-centred – Kotoko Youth Team coach Asare

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Asante Kotoko Youth coach George Asare has revealed the harsh treatment he suffered from his team when he joined the Ghanaian giants.

According to the versatile player, most Ghanaian players are self-centred and feel uncomfortable when they see a teammate floundering.

Asare, who played for the Porcupine Warriors between 2007 and 2010 said he suffered hostile reception from people he even knew before joining Kotoko.

“It was very bad,” he said in a video interview about his impression during his first training session with the club. “I used to play with some of the guys and I thought they were going to welcome me because I was joining the team. But it was not like that,” he told Kotoko Express App

“They were not friendly at all. That thing is still happening now in Ghana. Some people will get ahead of you but when you want to get there, they do not want to see you there.

“I did not have someone to talk to so I kept asking myself; what is going on? These were the same guys I used to play with in colts so why is everybody trying to run away from me? 

Asked if they thought that he was a threat, Asare said:
” I did not know exactly what they were thinking about me. But, they knew me and what I was capable of doing, and I thought they would be happy that I was joining the team.

Though Asare prevailed, the unfriendly atmosphere, he said, prevented some of the other trialists from giving up their best.

“I was not the only one,” he continued. “Because of that, some of the players could not play during the training sessions and the justifier and so were sacked.

“But I was determined. I did not look anybody’s face. I had a plan for my life. This was what I wanted. I had it and so had to hold it tightly.

“It was until our return from Sudan when it became clear that I was going to be signed that they started coming close to me. They came close to me because they knew then that they could not break me.”

Asare’s signing changed the narrative as he was not only accepted by his colleagues afterwards but also become a key member of the squad in the run to the league title.

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