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Ex-Hearts of Oak Social Media Manager denies influencing player exodus at Club

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I left Hearts two years ago for the United States. I have not had much contact with the people I worked with let alone the players of the club. But somebody at OyerepaFM was tapped to shade me as the cause for the player exodus in the club.

So I want to put it on record that I, Anwar Umar Larry, HAVE no power whatsoever to talk to a Hearts player and influence the person to cancel their contract. Indeed, I had a good rapport with all the players at the club when I used to work with the team but that’s not the case anymore because I have so much on my plate.

I have no knowledge or interest in player management, player contract negotiations nor player transfer. I am not a football agent. I am not a FIFA intermediary. I have never received any percentage or kickback from a new or ex-Hearts player.

I have never brought any player to come and play for Hearts. And I have never managed any player who plays for Hearts. I have never been a witness to or for any player when it comes to their signing/terminating of contracts with Hearts.

In fact, I have had so many players register their interests to play for Hearts through me here on Facebook but I have always directed them to the right quarters. I have helped coaches scout potential players who could help the team in the future but purely as a technical match report writer.

I did a lot of extra things outside my social media job for the benefit of the club and a number of times to the detriment of my well being. And those who saw me work and those I worked with know deep down in their hearts how diligently I toiled so Hearts could be successful regardless of renumeration.

I do not seek praise for what I did for Hearts. But I shall not countenance people ruining my reputation. This is not something I would ordinarily react to but I know how false news gathers dust and it’s better to nip this in the bud than allow it to germinate. I thank the venerable host of the OyerepaFM sports show who asked very good questions to the conjecturing panelist who raised this allegation. How could any level-headed person harbor these nonsensical thoughts and further have the temerity to spit it out on live radio? I worked under Mark D. Noonan. I was not fired. I resigned on my volition. I harbor no malice or spite for Hearts.

Hearts of Oak as a club knows their problems and they have the means to solve their own problems. Naming or shaming innocent people will not solve the problem; it only deflects attention from what the real issue is, instead of providing long lasting solutions. I am the happiest person when a player renews his stay with the club ( https://www.facebook.com/100003622908106/posts/1789201057877307/)); and I don’t blame nor shame anyone if a player leaves the team. A contract is an agreement between two people; I have no power to influence one or the other. Hearts is a 109-year institution; people will always come and go. I was hurt when we lost players for free in 2017 but I was happy that at least we would learn something from it going forward. Things will not change overnight but I pray Hearts of Oak will find a lasting solution to this quandary.

For the seven years I worked for Hearts, the only allegations I have heard prior to this was that I had intentions of being head of communication. So let me put that on record too: I have no interest whatsoever in being head of communication at Hearts. I have never had interest in that position and I turned the offer down three times in my last year with the club. I will never have interest in that position. My job with Hearts is finished. The only thing I have left is to write a book for the future generation of supporters and honor the players and supporters who paid their dues for this great institution — in the mean time I try to celebrate forgotten heroes on HeartsEleven if and when I have the time.

This is the main reason why I stopped writing on current Hearts issues. If anybody at the club is not happy that I am writing anything on Hearts, no problem you can tell me to stop. And I will stop. But don’t throw my name to the dogs who have no reasoning ability.

I wish everybody the best. Thanks for reading.

Sporting Regards,

Anwar Umar Larry
(Ex-Accra Hearts of Oak Social Media Manager (2012-2018).

Frank Darkwah

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