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Man United’s Marcus Rashford is my son – Ex-Ghanaian footballer claims

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Former Ghanaian footballer, Michael Boye Marquaye, who is based in the United kingdom has claimed that he is the biological father of Manchester United and England forward Marcus Rashford.

According to records, Marcus Rashford was born in Wythenshawe, Manchester in the UK to Melanie Rashford as his mother and Jamaican, Joseph Rashford as his father officially.

But Boye Marquaye in an interview with Kumasi FM disclosed that he fathered the Manchester United star and he is ready for a test to confirm his claims.

“Marcus Rashford is my biological son.He’s half Ghanaian and half English. Her mom is a white whom my relationship with her was open,her family knows me very well,” he told Kumasi FM.

“I’m challenging everyone to sue and imprison me if anyone thinks these claims are lies.I have a lot of proves to back my claim,if challenged I will release evidences which will be damming to Marcus Rashford’s reputation.

“Marcus Rashford isn’t a Jamaican,the adopted father is rather from Jamaica.Marcus Rashford’s name has been changed,the original name I gave him was Jonathan Mama Marcus.

Michael Boye Marquaye

“I have not met him(Marcus Rashford) for now. You can log on to the Manchester United website and it is evident that he used to use my surname,Marquaye before it was changed to Rashford.

Nobody should dare nor challenge my claims but if they do,I will release damming evidence that will be damaging to the image of Rashford.

There have been many efforts by me to reach him in accepting me as his father but the white mother has polluted his mind.

I’m ready for a paternity test to prove he is my son.

“I do not need Marcus Rashford’s money,I have enough money for myself now but I only need acknowledgement. It hurts me when I hear people say he is a Jamaican,I do not want to hear that again.”

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