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Superstition forced me to leave Ghana Premier League – Sadat Karim

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Former Hearts of Oak forward, Sadat Karim has passionately revealed that superstition in the local game compelled him to leave the Ghana Premier League.

The Halmstad BK striker recounted how he and his colleagues went through alll directions that were given by some team officials, but still could not secure wins in those games.

He noted that he lost interest although he featured in the Ghana top-flight aged 17.

According to the former King Faisal and RTU striker, one of the reasons that discouraged him from staying in the Ghana Premier League was the height of superstition which got into the heads of most of the players.

“I think most the clubs I played in, the superstitious acts were too much so I said it was too difficult to continue to stay in this, ” Sadat told Saddick Adams on Instagram Live Via YAC Media.

“I remember one club, when we were travelling for a match, the Team Manager intentionally left the jersey of one key player behind so that the playing couldn’t play the game. When the coach asked why they didn’t bring the jersey, they said they had forgotten. Meanwhile the CEO had already come to tell us that the said player doesn’t have luck so they don’t want him to play. I cringed.

“Also at RTU, they’ll make us bath this concoction and spiritual water before games. Most times I wanted to refuse but it you do, they’ll accuse you of making them fail. In one such instance, after I bathed the spiritual water, I entered the shower and washed myself again. We lost the game and they accused of of foiling the spirit because I had taken a shower. How can you say this.

“There was a game against King Faisal, the team officials came to inform us there are only three goals in the game so we should take note. After the first half score was 1-1. In the second half I think around 60th minute we scored to make 2-1 so means all the three goals had come. From there, the players became relaxed and complacent. But in the end, we lost 4-2.

“I think the superstition enters the heads of some of the players too much”..

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