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SCOUTING REPORT on Tema City prodigy Benjamin Frimpong by Mamadu Bobó Djalo

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Below is a brief report on Tema City City FC’s Benjamin Frimpong by talent spotter Mamadu Bobó Djalo. Between 2008 and 2011, he scouted for English Premier League side Chelsea FC.

Bobo Djalo’s Report:

Style of play:
– flamboyant and explosive winger

– player with very good body mass ratio, physical strength, natural fitness and stamina who feels comfortable in contact situations with opposite defenders

– creative player with great technique on the ball, mobility, acceleration skills, fast direction shifts, short-dribbling and good short-mid through passing ability

– suitable to play on both wings (preferably on the right as an ‘inverted winger’)

– superb coordination, agility, and balance for a player of his size

– good vision and decision making for a player of his age

– likes to dribble

– confident, powerful, dynamic and very positive with the ball

– likes to cut inside to the inside of the pitch to either shoot, cross or pass

– superb off the ball intelligence to recognize spaces where to receive/run into

– possesses good mid-range and long-range shooting skills

– excellent balance and changes of pace

– very good ball control and dribbling skills at top speed

– extremely dangerous on the counter thanks to his electric pace and acceleration

– all-action and energetic


– pace and acceleration Very strong
– ball control Very strong
– dribbling strong
– technique very strong
– dynamism strong
– first touch strong
– athleticism strong
– finishing very strong
– crossing very strong
– creativity very strong
Weaknesses: Just the haight but it’s doesn’t really affect him in the game.

According to his agent Roni Layous a lot of clubs have shown intrest in my client we don’t want to rush the boy now “because the boy will be in july” his agent added .Per the information circulating in Ghana media,the player will sign for top flight club in Israel.

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