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Lord Hilary Adabo denies scoring goal for RTU against Dreams FC

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Dreams FC secured their most significant victory in the Ghana Premier League with an 8-1 triumph over relegated Real Tamale United (RTU) on Wednesday at the Theatre of Dreams in Dawu.

This emphatic win, occurring in an outstanding match, is the highest scoreline in the league this season.

Dreams FC attacker grabbed 5 goals with Benjamin Bature netting a brace. Dede Ishmael scored a goal while Lord Hilary Adabo got the consolation for RTU.

In a surprising turn of events, Lord Hilary Adabo, a player for Real Tamale United (RTU), has denied scoring a goal against Dreams FC in today’s match.

Some RTU’s registered players including Lord Adabo boycotted the match because they had not been paid for six months. To avoid forfeiting, RTU’s Chief Executive Zakaria Safianu allegedly brought in players from Division Two teams, such as Galaxy FC to honour the encounter.

And speaking on Promise Radio 102.7, Adabo revealed that he is currently in Tamale and did not participate in any game today.

“I am not the player who scored the RTU goal against Dreams FC today. I am currently in Tamale and I didn’t play any game today,” Adabo clarified.

“I’ve seen on social media that I scored a goal, but all I can say is that there’s only one Adabo in RTU and I’m in Tamale.”

Adabo’s statement has raised questions about the identity of the player who scored the goal.

Football fans are eagerly awaiting an explanation from the teams and the league officials to clear up the confusion.

Meanwhile, Adabo’s denial has sparked a lively debate on social media, with fans sharing their thoughts and theories about the mysterious goal scorer.

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