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John Paintsil drags Songo, Saddick Adams, two other journalists & three media companies to court

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New Ghana assistant coach, John Paintsil, has launched a legal battle against three media houses and four prominent sports journalists, including Saddick Adams, Christopher Nimley, Patrick Osei Agyemang (Countryman Songo), and Veronica Commey.

The move comes in response to what Paintsil perceives as libellous attacks against him following his appointment as the assistant coach for the Black Stars, working alongside Otto Addo.

Paintsil had criticized the Save Ghana Football demonstration, which was led by the aforementioned journalists before he was appointed assistant coach.

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The journalists felt Paintsil attacked their demonstration because he had been promised the position.

Paintsil’s remarks seemingly opposed the demonstration’s objectives, leading to a backlash from organizers and supporters alike.

Many felt that Paintsil’s comments undermined their cause, sparking a wave of intense criticism directed at him after he was appointed.

Countryman Songo, in particular, allegedly made several unfounded allegations against Paintsil, while other journalists questioned his qualifications for the coaching role with the Ghanaian national team.

In response to these attacks, Paintsil has taken legal action and mobilized his legal team to initiate court proceedings.

The defendants, which include the Multimedia Group, Angel Broadcasting Network, Omni Media Limited, and the four aforementioned journalists, have been served with a writ. They are given eight days to respond and enter an appearance in court.

Paintsil’s decision to pursue legal action underscores his determination to defend his reputation and address what he perceives as unjust attacks.

The outcome of this legal battle will likely be closely monitored by the Ghanaian football community.

Credit: GSN

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