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If you want to be great, read the Bible – Ex-Bayern Munich star Sammy Kuffour

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Former Ghana deflector,  Samuel Osei Kuffour has affirmed his faith in God, insisting that if one wants to be great in life then he should read the Bible.

The 43-year-old indicated that reading the Bible always bring enlightenment.

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The former Bayern Munich and AS Roma star said anyone who wants to be great cannot leave out the word of God.

He said that he hopes to read the Bible more often.

“I want to read more of the Bible to enlighten myself. Everything you need in life is in the Bible. If you want to be great, read the Bible,” Kuffour said on JoySports.

He also advised that it is always best to do what your conscience is tells whenever people criticize you.

“If you do good things, people will criticize. If you do bad things, people will kill you. So do what’s best for your conscience,” he added.

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Kuffour played for the Black Stars from 1993 to 2006, making 54 appearances and scoring three goals in the process.

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