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GHALCA writes to GFA to demand their share from Player transfers

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Executives of The Ghana League Clubs Association [GHALCA]  has written to the Ghana Football Association demanding their share of players transfers made by the Football Association.

According to a letter cited by Oyerepa FM in Kumasi, Ghalca is asking the Ghana FA to account for its share of the numerous transfers made within the association over the time.

Ghalca is entitled to 5% of the 10% transfer shares charged by the GFA in cases of International transfers made within the Ghanaian jurisdiction.

According to Ghalca, the Ghana FA has failed to make accounts of the funds pre-dating the Kwesi Nyantakyi era, and believe it time for the Ghana FA to account and make available the shares of the clubs.

The Ghana FA regulations allows the association to collect 10% of all transfer fees as captured in Article 32[5][c] of the premier League and division one league regulations.

“Ten (10) percent of all training and transfer fees in respect of external transfers, shall be paid into a Football Development Fund as follows: (i) five (5) percent shall be paid to the GFA. (ii) five (5) percent shall be paid to the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA). Where the player involved is a Juvenile, GHALCA’s 5 percent share shall be paid to the National Juvenile Committee”.

The Ghana FA announced it had transferred over 500 footballers to foreign leagues in its latest publication made by the president of the Association

In its football report for 2019, FIFA reported that Ghana transferred 229 players to other leagues.

with their letter, Ghalca is seeking for the FA to reconcile their accounts to enable the clubs welfare body to have their 5% shares of the transfer fees.

By Seidu Adamu/442gh

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