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GFA Communications is not about granting interviews – Henry Asante

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Ghana Football Association Communications Director, Henry Asante Twum has responded to those who have criticized him for failing to grant interviews.

The West African country is flooded with many radio and Television stations and each normally wants the communications department of the football governing body to react or give further explanations to issues.

Some go to the extent of placing calls even at odd hours which if he fails is accused and lambasted for been biased or having a prejudice stance on some media houses.

Reacting to his critics, Asante Twum indicated that, the work of the communications director are much more than answering calls.

“There are media colleagues who think the GFA Communications Director is supposed to answer all calls and grant interviews all the time,” he told Takoradi-based Skyy Power 93.5 FM.

“So when you wake up in the morning they expect you to just be by your phone from Monday to Friday so you grant interviews from Fanteakwa, Bechem and Bolga etc, that’s what to them, is the definition of a Communications Director, which is not the case,” he stressed.

He also described the structure of the communications department at the Association.

“Under me [my office], I am supposed to have someone directly responsible for Public Relations, another person directly responsible for Digital Media of the FA,”

“It is huge, in the past we didn’t pay attention to strengthening and equiping the department,”

“I am praying the Ex-Co, as they have promised, will consider, they will discuss, and hopefully, approve the new structure I have submitted,” he concluded.

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