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GFA IS BROKE: Wait for Fifa COVID-19 Fund – GFA to Division One clubs

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Startimes Ghana Limited, Television right owners of the Ghana Premier League (GPL) have paid the Ghana Football Association (GFA) an amount of $100,000 as part payment of their sponsorship deal with the association.

Out of the total amount $90,000 have been shared to the 18 Ghana Premier League clubs, with each of them receiving $5,000 from the GFA.

The package comes to lessen the financial constraints of the clubs due to the widespread of the COVID-19 disease.

Members of the Division One League also expected the football governing body to come to their aid, but our sources indicate they are yet to receive any stimulus package from the GFA despite approaching them.

However, the GFA is in line to receive some financial assistance from Fifa, as the world football governing body plans to set up a fund to mitigate the financial implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

And, a member of the Division One League Board who spoke to Oyerepa FM on the condition of anonymity revealed that the GFA has asked them to wait for Ghana’s share of the Fifa forward funds.

“They gave $90,000 out of the $100,000 to the premier league clubs so I asked an EXCO member who is on the GFA Finance committee that I thought there would have been some parachute payment to the DOL clubs because we have no sponsor and the FA has a responsibility to keep us afloat,” he told Oyerepa FM.

He continued: “They said there was no money and I pleaded that even if it’s not from the StarTimes money because we are all under pressure.

“Anyway there’s some money coming ie.the FIFA Forward money which fortunately FIFA President in consultation with the big wigs have agreed to waive all conditions that will make a nation eligible to access the fund.

“I understand DOL will get our fair share because we had no share in the Startimes money.

“Yes on our platform, people are asking questions.”

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