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FIFA tells Ghana FA to discontinue steps to amend Statutes

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World football governing body, FIFA, has told some members of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), to prorogue processes to amend some articles of the 2019 Statutes in the upcoming Congress.

FIFA said the current Statutes reflects the football landscape in Ghana, hence, they should not make decisions that could adversely affect future elections and legislative matters.

In a letter signed by Veron Mosengo-Omba, Chief Member Associations Officer, he noted that proposed amendments seem to revert back to the ‘status quo prior to the statutory revamp last year’.

Mr Veron added that they consider a revision of the composition of Congress and Executive Council without prior consultation of with Fifa and local stakeholders in such a short timeframe, and without having had the chance to discuss in more details the relevant proposals, as certainly not a good practice.

Although ‘FIFA does not manifestly object changes being presented shortly before holding a Congress,’ portion of the letter said, the Infantino led body is of the view that “far-reaching changes, such as substantial modification to the GFA membership and the GFA Executive Council composition must be discussed with Fifa over several meetings and/or exchanges of correspondence,” the letter stated.

Fifa reminded the GFA that, the current statutes were reviewed by the Normalisation Committee [now defunct] as per the mandate granted by Fifa.

The Statutes, the football head said, was drafted in due consultation with local stakeholders in order to better reflect the current football landscape in Ghana and align with Fifa principles and requirements.

They, however, did not lose sight of the fact that member associations have the obligation to ratify statutes that are in line with FIFA requirements, but insist the proposed amendments to the current statutes are not balanced and could adversely affect future elections or any sort of decision by the relevant legislative body.

Increasing the Executive Council from 11 to 18, FIFA noted would affect the efficiency of ‘decision-making process’.

They urged the FA to ‘prorogue’ the statutory changes to the 26th Ordinary Congress and initiate discussions with FIFA.

FIFA’s letter has been described as unprecedented because it has no power by virtue of its statutes or statutes of its MA to dictate to members amendments. The letter many say is the opinion of Veron Mosengo-Omba which has no binding effect and Congress can still discuss if they deem fit.

Veron advised members of the GFA to comply with the statutes, especially article 81(6), the transitional clause guaranteeing the transition to a new model to the GFA Congress.

The quoted article referenced, art 81(6) requires Division One League (DOL) representation to Congress be reduced from 48-18.

The clubs are demanding a full representation, a highlight of the democratic right of having all 48 clubs represented at Congress.

Techiman City reported violation of the GFA Statutes to FIFA and CAF on Monday, before attempting to injunct the Congress through and order from the Accra High Court.

Source: Muftawu Nabila Abdulai/Myjoyonline

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