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DOL reps on the advisory committee will kick against mooted 18-Club League, says Wa Suntaa Prez. Daud Arif

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Daud Arif – President and Bankroller of Division One side Wa Suntaa SC – has stated emphatically that the reps of the second-tier league on the advisory committee will kick against the proposed 18-club League .

The Ghana Football Association has formed a 5-man advisory committee to advice the association and have tasked them to come out with measures and policies that will see to the implementation of the 1818-club League after it has been duly approved.


The National Division One League currently comprise of 48 clubs, which has been divided into three zones. The new direction, may affect how the teams have been spread across the country.

Speaking to Talk Sports Ghana, Daud Arif disclosed that club administrators are not happy with the decision to reduce the number of clubs.

According to him, if the decision is accepted there will be no regional balance as seen in the current format and that will affect the development of the game at the disadvantaged areas or regions.

“I can tell you for a fact that the three DOL members representing the DOL clubs are against it. We’ve spoken to our reps and they have our concerns at heart. They’ll speak to the interest of the clubs. Most of us don’t want the 18-club league,” he told Talk Sports Ghana.

“We want football to be played at every length and breadth of the country. It is only the 48 division one league that can ensure that every region or district that has the capacity to compete is well represented. We’re sending counter proposals to the FA because new regions have been created to make the DOL four zones.


He continued: “The Northern Zone will be there, where we’ll have Upper West, Upper East, Northern Region and Savanna Region in a zone. In effect, we’ll see a team from the north represented in the premiership every season. We’ll have four new zones, 12 in each, total 48.”

Football activities in the West African country have been put on hold since March due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hope of resuming it was dashed after the government of Ghana extended the ban on social gatherings until July 31, 2020.

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