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COVID-19: Wilson Arthur challenges clubs to be innovative; urges them to consider farming

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SKYY FC President, Wilson Arthur has urged Ghanaian clubs to be innovative and consider farming as plan B amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the outbreak of the novel disease, clubs have gone into financial difficulties with most of them failing to pay salaries of players and officials. A few of the clubs have also bargained with the players to slash their monthly income.

Clubs in Ghana solely depend on gate fees as greatest source of income and with football still on suspension due to the coronavirus, they are struggling to meet their financial obligations as they do not have any plan B or other sources of funding.

Arthur – who is the MTN FA Cup chairman has challenged the clubs to be innovative amid the COVID-19 induced hardship as his club is considering starting Skyy FC Farms.

“By way of funding and financial preparation Skyy FC would consider starting SKYY FARMS,” he told Skyy FM.

“A lot of the vegetables takes few months to harvest, so if I got the resources, I wouldn’t mind cultivating a rice farm making sure I have enough of rice to cater for my team for the entire season

“We have to be innovative, by breaking down the cost of running teams into parts.

“For example if you have a team bus,you can work on fuel sponsorship, you can even do food and beverage sponsorship, water sponsorship, so you can part your expenditure into parts and get bits of sponsors for all, to ease the burden of club financing.

“This is very important because they way and manner business is moving in this COVID 19 situation it would be difficult to get one big sponsor to absorb all your cost, so this is the time to be very innovative.”

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